Waterfront Guest House

南非風格民宿 – Waterfront Guest House

「沃特佛朗.埔里民宿 Waterfront」取自南非的維多利亞港區 Victoria and Alfred Waterfront,民宿主人因經營家中橄欖農場,年輕時就在南非留學,長年旅居南非開普敦,雖然支身來到與台灣氣候、環境截然不同的南非,卻深深愛上南非的人文風情,與這片土地上孕育的自家橄欖園「石頭堡橄欖農場」,當時的民宿主人心想,一定要在家鄉蓋個南非風情的民宿,把南非的藝術與美景帶給更多人欣賞!


之所以將民宿取名為沃特弗朗(Waterfront音譯),是因南非維多利亞港區 Victoria and Alfred Waterfront 是出口橄欖到台灣的重要港口,更是南非與台灣連結的象徵地,主人希望將南非的美,透過沃特弗朗傳遞來台灣~

“Waterfront” was taken from the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in South Africa’s Victoria Harbour. The owner of the property owned an olive farm in his family and studied in South Africa when he was young. He has been living in Cape Town, South Africa, for years, although he has come to stay. To South Africa, which is totally different from Taiwan’s climate and environment, it is deeply in love with South Africa’s cultural customs. The olive garden “Stoneberg Olive Farm”, which was bred on this piece of land, was considered by the owners of the hotel and must be covered in their hometown. A South African style bed and breakfast brings South African art and beauty to more people!

After many years, the owner of the homestay started a dream project with a large selection of South African arts and crafts. From the interior design of the property to the furnishings, everything was done. A variety of different room types were planned with local South African characteristics, combined with traditional South African rough. Style and modern design create a rare South African style bed and breakfast in Taiwan!

The reason why the B&B is called Waterfront is because the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in South Africa’s Victoria Harbour is an important port for exporting olives to Taiwan, and it is also a symbolic link between South Africa and Taiwan. The host hopes to The beauty of South Africa is transmitted to Taiwan through Waterflen~